Condolences on the Passing of Mrs. Sumiko Tohei.

Rocky Mountain Ki Society extends its sympathy to the Tohei family on the passing or Mrs. Sumiko Tohei, mother of Shinichi Tohei and widow of Koichi Tohei Soshu. We are very thankful for all the efforts she provided towards the development of the Ki Society and for her assistance given to Tohei Sensei and Shinichi Sensei.

“Please be kindly advised that Mrs. Sumiko Tohei passed away at 2:11, 16th May 2013 (Thursday), at Tokyo Kosei Nenkin Hospital. She was 75 years old. We sincerely appreciate your kind support and help towards her while in life.

It was found that she had stomach cancer in terminal stage, when she was hospitalized in Tokyo Women’s Medical University Hospital in early March for checking about her unwellness feeling of stomach. There was no possibility of curing by operation or radiation treatment, therefore, she strongly preferred to move to Tokyo Kosei Nenkin Hospital in order to receive palliative care.

In the end, she passed away peacefully as if comfortably sleeping.

According to her strong wishes, the funeral service will be held within family members. And please kindly accept her declination of condolence money, condolence flower, condolence telegram. This is one of the customs in Japan Thank you very much for your kind thoughts.
Thank you very much for your warm attention.
Shinichi Tohei

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