Westminster Dojo Classes

Class Schedule

  A.M. Classes Class Format Sensei P.M. Classes Class Format Sensei
Mon.       6:30­­– 8:00 Ki & Basic Ki- Aikido Derek Nabel
Tue. 9:00– 10:30 Ki & Basic Ki- Aikido Derek Nabel  
Wed.       6:30– 7:50 Ki & Basic Ki- Aikido Derek Nabel & Lance McClure
8:00– 9:00 Ki- Aikido
Thu. 9:00– 10:30 Ki & Basic Ki- Aikido Derek Nabel 6:00– 6:50 Older Kids Derek Nabel
Fri.       6:30– 7:30 Ki & Basic Ki- Aikido Ron Charpentier
7:35– 8:30 Ki- Aikido Ron Charpentier
Sat. 8:00– 9:00 Ki-Aikido Lance McClure      
9:10– 10:00 Older Kids Lance McClure
10:10– 11:00 Younger Kids Derek Nabel
Sun. Currently No Classes      

Class Descriptions

Ki Class

Open to everyone. Focus is on Ki-Principles and application on the mat as well as in everyday life.

Basic Ki-Aikido

The Basic Ki-Aikido course instructs students in the fundamental principles, movements and throws. Open to beginners and other students.


Students may take this course after 2 months of the Basic Ki-Aikido course or with the instructor’s permission. The study includes more advanced throws/falls and forward rolling, as well as further applications of Ki to Ki-Aikido techniques.

Open Mat  Practice

Supervised mat time for all members.

Younger Kids

Children ages 4–8 years. A course designed for young students who will be taught basic principles of Ki-Aikido by stressing self-confidence and working together with other children.

Older Kids

Children ages 9 and up. Older children learn Ki-Aikido principles and techniques by working together in a positive atmosphere.

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