We will soon be offering an online meditation course. Watch this space for the most current details.

In order to join there will be a monthly or per session fee and a VERY brief application to join as an online member.


We are currently running most of our classes, please see our class schedule for the latest info.

Classes are non-contact in a ventilated space that is sanitized regularly after use.

Event Schedule for July 2016

July 2nd – Sokushin no gyo , Dojo Open for Classes
July 3rd & 4th – Dojo Closed For Holiday
July 18th – Jissenkai
July 19th – Jissenkai
July 27th – Special Class: Care & Maint. of Jo & Bokken 6:30-8pm

2014 Senshin no Gyo Training

Boulder Creek Whirlpool

A whirlpool in Boulder Creek that we often use.


                Everyone who is currently participating in Ki training and is in good health is welcome to attend.  Sen Shin No Gyo is a Ki training to coordinate mind and body, and a symbolic and actual practice to throw away all things past and present in order to start out the new year clean and fresh.  Please come with a positive attitude and plus Ki.

Here is a copy of the flyer:    2014Senshinnogyo

Process of Sen Shin No Gyo

                We will start with bell ringing ( Soku Shin No Gyo ) on the mat in the Boulder dojo.  Then we will carpool quietly to Ebin G. Fine Park for training in the water ( Sen Shin No Gyo ).  Afterwards we will return to the dojo to complete our training with more bell ringing.  It is a tradition to go out for breakfast afterwards.


  1. Bathing Suit worn under your Keiko-gi onto the mat
  2. Protective footwear which you will wear into the river (flip flops are not recommended)
  3. A towel
  4. A bucket and a big bowl that fits inside the bucket (If the weather is dangerously cold we will do an alternate form of Sen Shin No Gyo)


  1. Underclothes (to put on under your Keiko-gi after exiting the water)
  2. Jacket
  3. Hat
  4. Gloves
  5. Dry Socks and Shoes
  6. Something clean to stand on
  7. A robe to change inside of
  8. Warm, non-alcoholic drink


  • Date: Sunday, January 19th 2014
  • Time: 7:00 am–noon
  • Location:
    Boulder Dojo
    1925 55th Street
    Boulder, CO
Center map

Fall 2013 Workshop with Koichi Kashiwaya Sensei, 8th Dan

Rocky Mountain Ki Society invites the Aikido Community to our:

8th Dan, Chief Instructor of Midland Ki Federation, USA

Friday, November 22 to
Sunday, November 24, 2013

The classes are open to everyone with basic Aikido experience regardless of affiliation or style.

Full Seminar $100
One Day $60
Each Session (2-1/2 to 3 hrs) $30
University students and minors pay half price for any above fee.

You have 3 options to Register:
1) Fill out our flyer and mail in your application.
2) Fill out the flyer above and pay at the door. We accept Cash, Check or Charge.
3) Fill out the flyer above and bring it with you but PAY SAFELY ONLINE with PayPal or credit card below.

Attendance Options
Dojo Affilitation
Comments/Special Needs

No Class on Memorial Day

Rocky Mountain Ki Society will be closed today in honor of Memorial Day. Thank you to all who have served.


Condolences on the Passing of Mrs. Sumiko Tohei.

Rocky Mountain Ki Society extends its sympathy to the Tohei family on the passing or Mrs. Sumiko Tohei, mother of Shinichi Tohei and widow of Koichi Tohei Soshu. We are very thankful for all the efforts she provided towards the development of the Ki Society and for her assistance given to Tohei Sensei and Shinichi Sensei.

“Please be kindly advised that Mrs. Sumiko Tohei passed away at 2:11, 16th May 2013 (Thursday), at Tokyo Kosei Nenkin Hospital. She was 75 years old. We sincerely appreciate your kind support and help towards her while in life.

It was found that she had stomach cancer in terminal stage, when she was hospitalized in Tokyo Women’s Medical University Hospital in early March for checking about her unwellness feeling of stomach. There was no possibility of curing by operation or radiation treatment, therefore, she strongly preferred to move to Tokyo Kosei Nenkin Hospital in order to receive palliative care.

In the end, she passed away peacefully as if comfortably sleeping.

According to her strong wishes, the funeral service will be held within family members. And please kindly accept her declination of condolence money, condolence flower, condolence telegram. This is one of the customs in Japan Thank you very much for your kind thoughts.
Thank you very much for your warm attention.
Shinichi Tohei

Next Sokushin no Gyo session is 5/4/13

Our next Sokushin no Gyo will be on Saturday 5/4/13 from 7-8 am at the Westminster dojo.

Bell used during Sokushin no Gyo

Everyone is welcome to attend Sokushin no Gyo.

The 3 purposes of Sokushin no Gyo:
1) To Coordinate Mind and Body
2) To Learn more about Breathing
3) To Learn more about being positive

Classes Canceled 3/9/13 Due to Snowstorm

The Westminster Dojo will be CLOSED today (3/9/13) due to a strong winter storm expected to drop 8-10 inches of snow during our classes. Our schedule will resume normally on Monday.

Art of Leading Conference at CU

On Friday, Feb 22nd Susan Chandler Sensei will lead a workshop at CU on using Ki-Aikido and Ki Principles in your professional life.

Please see this flyer for details.